Echinacea, How Could You?

January 2, 2009

Do you know the worst thing to pour down your throat when your throat is on fire?  Orange juice.


So even though I faithfully took Echinacea the Wonder Drug twice a day at the first sign of Moo’s cold (okay, Herbie may have nagged me a little), I still got sick.  Now I have a raging sore throat and ear ache, while Moo is raring to go. 

No wonder she was monster child a few days ago after her nap!  If I was 32 years younger, I would definitely be crying and trying to punch someone in the nose.



3 Responses to “Echinacea, How Could You?”

  1. pam Says:

    you should try abe’s remedy (he is a ped you know!) when he starts to get sick.. he takes enough vitamin c that he starts passing gas. apparently thats referred to as rectal saturation. at that poitn you should have enough vit c in you to help fight off the cold. he takes upward of 10k of vit c over the course of a day when he feels it coming. he chugs about 4k of vit c pills (not chewable, the kind you take with water) at the very first sign and then every couple hours a few thousand more

    • mamarose Says:

      Yikes! Do you do that too? I used to do vitamin C but then I read this study that said it doesn’t help very much and can actually be harmful (rectal saturation?!) and that echinacea has been proven to help. But of course now echinacea isn’t working, either – argh!

  2. pam Says:

    i accidently did it through taking a shload of emergen – c the last time i felt a cold coming. the tooting started after about 4 or 5 of those emergen c drinks in one day(maybe took 2 at once and then one every few hours after). abe is studying holistic medicine as a side to his ped practice and doesnt seem to think its harmful to adults – like it would just come out in your pee. however, if at any point you decide you want to get knocked up again, you should know that i have read that large doses of vit c will prevent/end a pregnancy. many women on the “fringe” type parenting boards i have frequented have used it to end/prevent a pregnancy at the early stages (like in that first six weeks.. or they had a condom go bad kind of thing)

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