December 31, 2008

There are end-of-year lists everywhere!  I love lists – I can never resist magazines with covers that announce lists (which will CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER !) in giant turquoise font, especially ones that promise “The Top 27 Items ALREADY IN MY CLOSET that will guarantee me Instant Glamour-Puss Style!,” or the “Top 12 Secrets From Celebrity Stylists GUARANTEED to Give Me the BEST HAIR EVERRR!!”  And then, when all the end-of-year issues come out, with the 82 Best Dresses, and the 435 Biggest Celebrity Blunders – weeee!

So I’m feeling pretty listy myself.  But alas, no giant turquoise font.

Lists Commence!

Top 10 Nicknames for Moo:

1.  Moo (duh)
2.  Moo-a-doo (varation on her real name… you get the idea)
3.  Peanut
4.  Peanut Butter
5.  Peanut Butter Cup
6.  Silly Goose
7.  Goose (when I feel lazy)
8.  Sweetheart
9.  Sweetness (she’s really very sweet, in temperament and taste)
10.  Cupcake (according to Herbie… Me:  “I really call her that?”  Herbie:  “Well, maybe just once in your life.”)

Top 10 Purchases of 2008:

1.  New oven
2.  Character shoes
3.  Stage makeup
4.  A last-minute Nutcracker doll for Moo so that she can properly recreate “The Nutcracker.”
5.  Entertainment Weekly renewal subscription (EW makes me so happy).
6.  New quilt for our bed upon which to play with our baby, and under which to
7.  MAC makeup, and now I’m addicted, although (I like to think) frugally so.
8.  Motorcycle
9.  That pear martini from Radio Milano last Friday.  (Okay, those TWO pear martinis.)
10.  Cheap wooden Santa from the dollar store.

Top 10 Most-Frequently Sung Songs of 2008:

1.  Nutcracker songs (doo doo doodoodoodoo doo doo duh doo doo doo)
2.  Jingle Bells
3.  Mommy’s Silly Song of the Month (December’s Song: “Avocado is a Fork Food”)
4.  Old MacDonald Had a Farm
5.  Night-Night Moo
6.  Sing After Me (Old-school Sesame Street song with Grover and Madeline Kahn…anybody?  anybody?)
7.  The Moo and Daddy Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha song
8.  Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle, Twinkle (tie)
9.  Alphabet Song (is that what it’s called?)
10.  I’m a Little Airplane Neeeyow

Moo’s Top 10 Favorite/Most-Tolerated Foods:

1.  Chocolate (“I have special treat? Chockayet?”)
2.  Cookies
3.  Cheerios
4.  Peanut butter
5.  Hummus w/goldfish crackers
6.  Blueberries (yay, something healthy!)
7.  Macaroni and cheese (duh)
8.  Quiche (but not the kind with spinach, yech)
9.  “Chockayet?”  “No, Moo.”
10.  “Chockayet?”  “Eat your broccoli, Moo.”  “WAAAH!”

Mama’s Top 10 Resolutions for 2009:

1.  Learn how to disguise veggies in healthy dinners that we will all eat together as a family.
2.  Make doctor’s appointments.
3.  More auditions.
4.  More sex.
5.  Do something about the backyard.
6.  Bake a four-layer cake.
7.  Roast a chicken.
8.  Stop researching dance lessons for my not-even-2-year-old at 1 a.m.
9.  Keep writing; see if anyone wants to pay me for it.
10.  Thank blog-readers for reading my babbling and for encouraging me and for paying your hard-earned money to come and see my silly show.

Thanks!!!  (Whew, I can cross that one off my list.)


2 Responses to “Listing”

  1. Wordslinger for Hire Says:

    I don’t know that #4 resolution will be possible if you (and Herbie) spend too much time on #5.

    (I felt that I should comment on that since you made me read it… I love you both very very much… but there are things I don’t need frequency details on… although I wonder if it is only strange to read since I know you wrote this and not Herbie?)

    Oh yeah, and another thing… “Sing After Me”….

    Fiddle Diddle DeeeeEEEEEeeeeEEEEEeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeeeEEEEEE!

    (Just wanted you to know that someone was down with Grover’s songs)

  2. […] 5, 2009 As part of my resolution to make healthier dinners for my family, and somehow, someway, get veggies into Moo’s tummy, I asked for a food […]

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