December 31, 2008

New Year’s Eve used to be my favorite all-time holiday, back when I was single.  Getting all gussied up, dancing, drinking, hugging everyone at midnight – ohhh, the evening was ripe with opportunities for spontaneous make-out sessions!

Now I’m a devoted wife, and I still love New Year’s Eve, but some of the “oooh-what’s-going-to-happen” fervor has naturally abated, and it’s no longer the highlight of my year – that’s officially been replaced by Christmas, with Halloween coming in a close second.  In the past few years,  our New Year’s Eve celebrations have seen quite a surge in Mellowness.

2001:  Pre-Herbie days.  Bow-chicka-bow-bowww…

2002:  In love with Herbie! Trip to Bellingham to party all night long! (We got in one of those delicious oh-GOD-I’m-in-love-with-you-but-do-you-love-ME?! angsty fights, but happened to be in one of the most romantic hotels ever for the make-up the following day.)

2003:  Heaven and Hell Ball in Seattle!  (It was actually a terrible party, with mile-long lines for alcohol and toilets, but it turned awesome when Herbie almost punched out the “host” for being such a huge asshat.)

2004:  Dance party in Seattle!  Oh, how I miss dance parties…

2005:  New city, new (old) house.  Pancakes at home, and a champagne toast.

2006:  Preggers.  Movie and ball-drop.  Much fond belly-rubbing.

2007:  Midnight pancakes with Rosalind and Herbie’s parents while Moo slept soundly down the hall.

2008:  Dinner and a movie.  Home for the ball drop.  Admire the ball’s use of new energy-saving lights!

Part of me misses the old extravagant New Year’s celebrations, when I had my outfit ready a month in advance and daydreamed about meeting the man of my dreams on New Year’s Eve.  But then I did meet the man of my dreams (on a Friday night in October), and tonight I’m going to get nice n’ drunk, and see if he wants to make out.

Anyone have any exciting New Year’s plans?  Or fascinatingly boring New Year’s plans?  Do tell.


4 Responses to “…3…2…1…”

  1. Emily Blagg Says:

    Well we are eating sweet potato fries and masala burgers at home while our 11 month old baby sleeps down the hall. And we’ll watch the ball drop if we are able to stay up that late…we’ll be forced to get up when baby wakes up at 6am (the baby cares not for our customs of staying up late on New Year’s Eve and drinking).

    • mamarose Says:

      Yum! And you enjoyed the sweet sweet song stylings of one Mr. Lionel Richie, I hear. Oh! What a feeling, when you’re dancing on the ceiling!

  2. Wordslinger for Hire Says:

    I spent the evening (after I got off work) at the Vet’s house. (I will leave it up to you to give her a permanent “blog moniker” as I do not think that “Vet” is really the best one) We ate pizza and played Rock Band with her kids (and I, no doubt, impressed the young ones with the fact that I could sing “Wave of Mutilation” by The Pixies without looking at the screen… not to mention my AWESOME rendition of Faith No More’s “Epic”) Then we watched Dick Clark for a bit (which made me a bit sad) counted down, and then went outside so the kids could blow their horns and bang on pots and pans while throwing snap-caps in the street.
    Then I went home and slept very little before going back to work today.

    Happy New Year!

    • mamarose Says:

      I MUST hear your rendition of “Epic.” I adore that song, although the part of the video where the fish is flopping there helplessly always made me sad.

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