Sea Monkeys Attack!

December 17, 2008

Apparently, the SMIC (sea-monkeys-in-charge) did not appreciate my revealing their secret Internet power, and attacked my computer yesterday.

Google has been hijacked!

Here are the results I receive when I google “Barack Obama:”

“Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need”
Official  Website of Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign

Barack Obama – Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

Barack Obama news –
Complete Political Coverage of Barack Obama

Then I tried searching for Tina Fey.  And I really don’t think Tina Fey, the feminist icon of our generation, has anything to do with

Herbie finally told me I should probably stop clicking all the fake links, and since then we’ve been running scan after scan on my computer.  Each scan insists it has flushed those nasty sea monkeys down the drain, but still Google wants to send me to “” when I search “Angelina Jolie.”  That girl may be a lot of things, but secret fatty, I think not.

With all the tinkering and scanning, my computer is slower than the public’s realization that Angelina cannot act, and in the meantime my blog is sad and lonely.

Damn you, sea monkeys.  Damn you.


One Response to “Sea Monkeys Attack!”

  1. […] had no desire to blog this week, not that the sea monkeys helped much, and (sigh) I’ve missed three auditions this month.  I’m afraid I’m […]

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