California Here We Come

December 13, 2008

All right, all you people that have been bugging me about turning Moo’s car seat around (even though all the wise child safety experts agree that it’s good to keep it rear-facing as long as possible) – Moo is officially forward-facing.  Halfway through our six-hour drive to Redondo Beach, I made the decision.  Moo was a little squooshed in her Grandpa’s Jeep, and starting to get restless.  So I spent 30 minutes studying the car seat instructions and voila!  A whole new world has opened up for Moo.  The radio is a robot!  We are surrounded by a giant electric light parade!  Very exciting.

So here we are in sunny, warm drizzly, cold Redondo Beach, with just hours to go before Clara, my 4 (AND A HALF!) -year-old niece, takes the stage as a “gingersnap” in The Nutcracker.  Yes, she is one of the adorable tots that runs out from under the giant skirt lady.  She’s been practicing all morning, much to Moo’s delight, and will soon don makeup and slick her hair back in a bun.  Moo is thrilled to see Clara’s show, and I am thrilled that Moo seems to be cathcing the dance and theatre bug in a big way.

Hopefully one day I’ll be preparing to slick her hair back in a bun (if she ever grows any hair) for her own debut as a gingersnap.  But I keep telling myself that if she just wants to play soccer, that’s okay, too.  NO IT’S NOT!  Yessssss, it is.  NO!  Okay, I’ll work on that one.

More after the show!


One Response to “California Here We Come”

  1. pam Says:

    i was unable to stand up to the pressure to turn benjamin around. havent decided what i am going to do with yael. she hates the car so much it might actually be helpful to my sanity to turn her forward at a year. but at the same point, knowing what i know now, i am not super comfortable with doing it. i am hoping to keep her backwards as long as possible. however, the whole fam damily disagrees and turns their children asap (and some before they turn one!)

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