A Few Questions for all the Mommies in Blogland (Okay, Daddies, too)

November 25, 2008

Question #1:

When did you first start using toothpaste when brushing your child’s teeth?  For that matter, when did you first take your child to the dentist?  And when you did start using toothpaste, did your kiddo take to it with ease or fight like a raging boar?

Question #2:

When did you make the transition from sippy cup to regular cup?  And is there some sort of super-sipper cup that comes between sippy and regular cup that I should know about?  

Question #3:

Does anyone have any idea what an 8-year-old boy would want for Christmas?  (And please do NOT say a Wii!)




6 Responses to “A Few Questions for all the Mommies in Blogland (Okay, Daddies, too)”

  1. Sonia Says:

    8 year old boy? Try Madlibs.

    Sippy cup to regular cup, jeesh that’s a long freakin’ time ago, probably about the time I couldn’t make that stupid little whole big enough for her to drink as fast as she wanted to.

    Toothpaste and toothbrush? When she wanted to. I don’t remember how old that was but usually that’s the way it goes with most stuff. They’ll bug you that they wanna do it. That’s the time to strike while the iron’s hot! Dentist? probably around 2-4. Freakin’ A! I’m too old to try to remember this stuff!

  2. Emily Blagg Says:

    A great option for the transition from sippy cup to regular cup is a kids Nalgene bottle (REI). It has an insert to control the flow to make it more like a sippy cup. Or you can remove the insert and it is then free flowing. We love it in our household.

  3. Kara Says:

    I have the same questions (even the 8-year old nephew to buy for)! We haven’t started toothpaste yet and probably will around 2, when we visit the dentist for the first time. No ideas about the sippy cup…we may try the water bottle suggested. We usually buy whatever our nephew’s mom tells us he wants- no surprise there but then we have a happy nephew. Lately he’s been asking for gift cards!

  4. kristi Says:

    I started using toothpaste pretty early, just after they grew teeth. 🙂 A tiny bit, and they loved it. Is this a good time to admit my 4 year old hasn’t been to the dentist yet?

    Cups — I use both with Littlest. I always give her water in a regular cup because who cares if it spills. That way she gets the hang of it without too much drama. Once she’s good at it (and I’m realizing now she is), I’ll put everything in a regular cup. Starting today. Except, perhaps, V-8 juice — yikes!

    8 year old boy — don’t they still like Legos? They have cool sets now that have instructions how to make uber cool things. Or so I hear.

  5. pam Says:

    toothpaste – we started using the oral B training gel around 18mo. do not use regular toothpaste as it has flouride. you need to use toddler training toothpaste (the bottle will indicate what age it is appropriate for or else it says NO flouride. thats what you want). now benjamin brushes his teeth and then we take a turn. the game we play is “what did you eat for dinner” and he lists off everything he ate and we brush it out

    dentist – we took benjamin to a ped dentist right after he turned 2 .. so aruond the 2year mark is ideal

    cups – we are starting to transition him to a regular cup at the table. but he uses a sippy in the car and his bed. if you just put a little water in it, then you dont have to worry about mass quantities of liquid going everywhere. and we give him plastic cups in case he turns into mister butter fingers. i am really oddball – i only give NON water things in a cup. mostly becuase i dont want him to think that anything can be in a sippy. saves battles when we are out and about – i only have to carry water. not every single damned thing in the fridge. fwiw – i saw a lady who had milk, apple juice, water and something else in her diaper bag. it was ridiculous

    8 year old boy – legos fo sho!.. or these are kinda cool: http://www.think-of-it.com/frigits.html

  6. mamarose Says:

    Thanks ever so, ladies!

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