Things Are Looking Up

November 16, 2008

Well, I do believe our little show is coming along.  We all did so much better last night.  For starters, I didn’t drop anything, or make anyone bleed.  One thing I really need to improve at is fake-drinking from my prop flask.  Herbie was in the audience last night, and I got so nervous every time I took a fake sip, because if anyone knows what sipping from a flask should look like, it’s Herbie. 

The band sounded better last night and so did the chorus.  Apparently there are two drummers – both cute, but one more attentive (the other one prefers to read books between songs).  More Attentive Cute Drummer was on duty last night, and boy, we could all tell the difference.  Our energy was higher, and less lines were left laying dead in the wings of the stage.

I almost didn’t make it through “Too Darn Hot,” though.  I think I learned a valuable lesson:  I am old.  I can no longer just coast through on fumes and caffeine – my body needs proper stretching and proper nutrition.  Before “Too Darn Hot,” all I’d eaten all day was some string cheese, a few grapes, Moo’s five leftover pieces of quiche, and a cookie.  Apparently, that is not enough to get me through Too Darn Hot without starting to hyperventilate halfway through.  Which is why I’m about to leave for our Sunday  matinee with nuthin but coffee in my stomach.  Yay Good Job!  Hmm.

One more matinee today and then THREE WHOLE DAYS OFF with no rehearsals or performances!  I plan to cook every night.  I’d bake cookies, too, if our oven worked- maybe I’ll even manage to buy an oven during that glorious three-day window.

My sister Fiona and niece Clara are coming to the matinee today.  I hope Clara doesn’t get too bored during the talky parts like Moo did – and I hope she likes watching her nutty aunt up on stage!  I think I might be even extra nutty for her sake today – look out!!


3 Responses to “Things Are Looking Up”

  1. Wordslinger for Hire Says:

    Umm… why can’t you put water in your flask and drink that?

  2. mamarose Says:

    As a matter of fact, I did just that today. Worked like a charm.

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