Remove Friend?

November 11, 2008

I dropped my very first “friend” on Facebook today.  And this from a woman who recently gave her husband and best friend a 10 minute lecture on why dropping friends on Facebook is cruel and unnecessary.  It’s not like you’re going to hang out with all of these so-called “friends” – what’s the big deal if someone with different political ideas, etc. is one among a list of 82 others?

“Greyson Smith-Johnson” is a guy I knew in grade school.  In 8th grade, I went skiing with Kelly Lewis, and I remember I’d never thought much about Greyson before he skied up to us at the top of the black diamond run we were pondering nervously.  “I get nervous, too,” he said sweetly, and for the first time I realized that he was totally ohmygosh SO supercute, and that maybe he and I were destined to be together forever.  Greyson offered to go first and promptly tripped over his skis and rolled halfway down the mountain, which made him even sweeter.  I never really talked to him after that, because there was only a short time before graduation, but every once in a while I’d think about the sweet boy who gallantly took the first dive on the black diamond at Snowbowl.

So when Greyson requested me as a friend on Facebook, I didn’t hesitate to accept.  Then I saw his profile picture – in full bowhunter regalia, with the caption “Bowhunters never quit…NEVER.”  And his second profile picture, charmingly flipping off the camera.  Then a status update – “Greyson is having a bbq! Beer babes and burgers!” And a second status update – “Greyson went hunting today in the rain and fog and saw four nice bucks!” Then another: “Greyson sold the Porsche!”  And another: “Greyson is doing shots of Jager!”  And another:  “Greyson getting truck washed making sure they do good job.”

When I saw he’d posted pictures of his most recent kills, I knew our relationship had to end.  I know that hunters and people in their 30’s who do shots of Jager aren’t necessarily evil people.  But I also know that if I met this person at a party, I would find him totally revolting and have to fight the desire to stab him in the eye.  So goodbye, Greyson Smith-Johnson. I hope it’s true that you can’t tell I dropped you, and if you can tell, I hope you don’t lose any sleep over some girl from 8th grade dropping you as a Facebook friend. 

I wish you’d stuck to skiing.


3 Responses to “Remove Friend?”

  1. Beth Says:

    where can I see that “bowhunters never quit” picture?????????

  2. kristi Says:

    There are three people I want to dump. I find them extraordinarily irritating. Not you, just so we’re clear. 😀

  3. mamarose Says:

    Beth – picture any scene from Rambo and you’ve pretty much got it.

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