November 7, 2008

Awww, we’re all grown up!

We had our first rehearsal with the entire band last night (and it was their first rehearsal together, too – I guess musicians are super-smart and can pick things up really quickly).  We have a trumpet, a saxophone, a French horn, a pianist, a flute, a bassist, a drummer, and a guy that plays something sort of long and skinny (an oboe?).  We even have a guy rockin’ a porkpie hat, just like Mr. Jazzman in that Sex and the City episode.

So we slowly, slowly muddled through all the songs with the band, and I even got up the nerve to pester Paul the music director about those notes that many of us just can’t find.  He went over some of the harmonies, and now, for the next week, I am going to be quietly and constantly repeating to myself:  “DolCHAY DA MOR-ay, DolCHAY DA MOR-ay!” (That’s Italian, dontcha know.)  That’s my only hope of remembering the right notes.   By the time the show opens, all my loved ones will probably be able to sing along.  DolCHAY DA MOR-ay!  We could use the backup.


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