November 3, 2008

Thursday  night we made an attempt at running through the whole show – we started at 7:30 and at 10, J the director cut us off – we made it about three-quarters of the way through.  I think that’s not-so-terrible, considering it was our first run-through.  Some of the highlights and lowlights:


* We still have no idea what we’re singing half the time.  The director admonishes us about not knowing when to sing – but actually, we do know when to sing, we just have no idea what notes to sing.  I just cannot find the note, I try and try, and I’m afraid I have that notorious I-may-throw-up expression on my face while I’m trying to find that F or G or A or whatever it is I’m supposed to sing, all while singing lyrics about the gods above singing of nothing but love.  Love gods, I think, do not usually look on the verge of puking.

* Our dear Fred seemed terribly embarrassed at forgetting, well, most of his lines.  He seemingly got sucked into some sort of evil memory-evaporating black hole, and by the time he got to his big soliloquy in Act 2, every “Line? Line? Line?” he uttered made his face turn an even paler shade of mortification.  Don’t worry, Fred, you’ll get it!  All I have to remember is, “Half hour! Places! On stage!” and if I forget, I can just mix the words around and still be mostly right.

* A few numbers in which actors just gave up and literally stood there looking around, not knowing what the hell to do.  Yup, that includes me, but luckily I almost always have Rosie-the-Stage-Manager’s handy-dandy stool nearby to perch on or, even better, my trusty Stage Manager Clipboard to study carefully.


* Baptista.  Baptista Baptista.  The actor who plays the father in Taming of the Shrew, the play-within-the-play, is just absolutely hilarious.  I adore him.  I’ve watched him do his scenes maybe 50 times now, and every time I always giggle to the point of near-disruption. 

* Man 1 and Man 2, the two gangsters who sing “Brush Up Your Shakespeare,” will probably steal the entire show, if Baptista doesn’t do it first.

* My scene with Fred after Kate slaps him (and she’s really slapping him, eeyowch!).  This is my personal favorite – although I love every moment I have with Fred, especially when I’m annoying him to death by poking him repeatedly in the shoulder, which I do quite often.  I think I’m pretty good at being an annoying pest – I really perfected shoulder-poking growing up, during my tenure as Little Sister.

* Dancing in “Too Darn Hot” – ohhhh I do love to dance.  I don’t how the number looks as a whole (the director has a suspiciously stone-cold expression after this number), but I do love performing in it.  My knees, feet, and 34-year-old muscles, however, do not share my enthusiasm.  Don’t worry, team, I’ll drink your troubles away…

Show information coming soon….


3 Responses to “High-and-Lowlights”

  1. Beth Says:

    sounds so fun! don’t worry about missing the election coverage, you know it will be rerun & rehashed & puked up over & over & over again by all the talking heads! they will be having a FIELD day with this!

  2. kristi Says:

    Can’t wait for the show!

  3. Sonia Says:

    OMG! Can’t wait to see it!

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