Blub Blub Blub

October 28, 2008

Moo had a rough time saying goodbye to Calvin as he went off to school today, yelling, “Come back, come back!” as he drove away, but luckily we thought of the perfect Calvin-blues antidote: polka-dot fishes.

Water and the things that swim in it are so foreign to Moo, living in the desert.  It took her a little while to shake her unease with the fish at the Seattle Aquarium – of course, it didn’t help that we started with the octopus, who in real life looks nothing like her smiley, turquoise friend Boing the Octopus back home.  But we were in luck – the Seattle Aquarium chose to embrace pagan traditions and quite quirkily dropped pumpkins in most of the fish tanks.  Pumpkins everywhere, hooray!

Moo loved the diving birds, the seahorses, and any fish with polka dots.  I never knew so many fish have polka dots – how are polka dots a good camouflage technique – do they look like bubbles?  We saw a water snake and a water worm (a.k.a. eels), and Moo declared the otters cute, and then started yelling at them to wake up.  “I so happy!” she declared as we strolled outside to show her the boats on the waterfront – but they were so gigantic she couldn’t even register them as boats.  Whatever – our baby is tottering around announcing her happiness to the world, and life is so freaking good.

Before we went back to cousin Calvin’s house, we stopped to the Seattle Art Museum’s newish outdoor sculpture park so we could enjoy every moment of cool autumn air, and so Moo and I could run around in the grass and be airplanes.

Introducing Hop and Caa to the fishes: 
















Wonder of wonders!  Horses in the sea!










“Hello, water worm, nice to meet you!” 










Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park:









































One Response to “Blub Blub Blub”

  1. Beth Says:

    oh, the sculpture park in the fall… looks lovely! i am missing the seattle waterfront a bit! and how cute is it that Moo just announces her happiness! you guys sound like you’ve really settled into a blissful little family. : )

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