Just a Trim, Please

October 22, 2008

I visited Olaf today out in the far reaches of near-Carefree, Arizona to get my hair cut and highlighted, and once again I left thinking, I have GOT to make an appointment with someone else.

Is anyone out there truly and purely thrilled with their hair stylist?  Is it just me?  Because over the years, I have left a long trail of abandoned hair stylists by the side of the road, their scissors snapping air.  I did have one magical relationship with Rebecca in Seattle, but alas, I had commitment issues with Seattle and Rebecca is no longer in my life.  Now, I have Olaf.

And Olaf’s okaaay, I guess.  His mixed gender signals drive me to distraction – he sounds effeminate, lists shopping as his favorite hobby, and dresses fabulously, but he also repeatedly mentions his large-chested girlfriend, and his thigh tends to brush against my knee when he cuts my hair.

I like that I don’t have to talk to him the whole time – I can grab an Us Weekly and zone out on Lindsay and Britney’s latest shenanigans.  But I realized today that if I zone out too much, I will look up and see short bangs when I asked for longish.  And I really hate it when I have bangs constantly tickling my eyelashes.

I know Rosalind will tell me to make a damn appointment with Natasha the Hair Genius, already.  But Natasha the Hair Genius lives in NYC and only visits our fair city every six weeks or so, so you have to make an appointment with her about nine months in advance, and I am not a nine-months-in-advance kind of person.  I’m more of an, “Oh shit, my highlights have grown out down to my ears and I must have my hair done NOW” kind of person.

So until I change into a different kind of person, I guess Olaf’s my man, my knees will remain inappropriately grazed by Chip and Pepper-clad thighs, and I’ll just have to wait for my bangs to grow out.

And buy some bobby pins.



4 Responses to “Just a Trim, Please”

  1. Well I love my hair stylist, but he lives in Las Vegas and I only get to see him occassionally as well (like every couple years)… I too have had horrible luck finding someone I LOVE… I have liked a couple people and the one person I thought I could committ too cost an arm and a leg!! So I hear ya.

  2. Emily Blagg Says:

    That’s so funny that you’re blogging about not being happy with your hairdresser. Saturday night, at karaoke, I was going to tell you that hair is so cute and ask where you get it done. But it was so loud in there and I wasn’t sitting near you to chat so I refrained from that conversation. I really like your hi-lites and layers.
    I’m not liking my current do…I’m going back to my prebaby hair, lots of layers and longer and more hi-lites. I tried to get the bob easy style hairdo since I have a little baby, but it’s just not working for me. But I do love my hair stylist. Her name is Lila Levitt at Salon Surreal on 16th street and Glendale. She’s actually in my list of friends on Facebook if you want to check her out. She’s very nice and good at what she does. In all of the places I’ve lived it took me a while to find someone I really like and trusted. And I hate hairdressers that want to chit chat the entire time, I too like to zone out with my magazines and relax. But she’s cool to talk to, just the right amount of chit chat. I’m actually due to go to her soon, my roots are so grown out. Saturday when I saw you I was thinking how good your color looked, you didn’t look due, you must have thouht my roots looked atrocious.

  3. mamarose Says:

    Wordslinger, it’s like you can read my mind! Freaky. No Emily, I did not think your hair looked atrocious – you looked lovely! You can always tell when I’m due for a color/cut, because the only way I can go out in public is to spend hours curling it.

  4. […] I need my hair cut, but cannot visit Olaf, because he found this. […]

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