Too Darn Drunk

October 13, 2008

Tonight’s rehearsal is supposed to be a “stumble through” of the first act.  I hope “stumble through” isn’t just limited to tripping slightly, but also includes falling flat on your face, because I haven’t had a chance to look over my lines or practice songs in the last three days. 

I just hope tonight’s rehearsal lives up to last Thursday’s rehearsal, because I had a blast that night!  On the drive there, I realized I was sick of obsessing over the stupid “Too Darn Hot” dance number, and so I made the decision to just have fun with what I was given, boogie-woogie fingers n’ all.

I also decided my character would be drunk in the number.  After all, I have a flask!  And drunk boogie-woogie fingers are so much more fun than sober boogie-woogie fingers. 

When we ran through the number, I learned two things – first, it’s a whole lot easier for me to just go for it when the director is working on a different scene in the other room, and two, people think it’s kinda funny when you drunk-dance.  I wonder if they thought I was really drunk?

Afterwards, Sad Chorus Girl came up to me and asked if I thought the boogie-woogie fingers we were all doing looked dumb.

“No!” I said.  “You just have to really commit to that boogie-woogie feeling.”

She pouted.

“You just have to dance like you’re drunk!” I tried.

“I’ve never been drunk,” she said.  Whaaaa??  Well, she did look like she was maybe 19.

“It’s like this!” I said, grabbing her hands and waggling her arms like noodles.  “Wooooo!”

She did not find this nearly as amusing as I did.

“Ooookay,” she said, and scuttled away.

Hmm.  I think I’m really starting to enjoy myself!  Maybe tonight I’ll sneak some vodka into my prop flask and see if being REALLY drunk during rehearsal is just as much fun as acting drunk!


One Response to “Too Darn Drunk”

  1. Wordslinger for Hire Says:

    I think you should fill the flask and help little “Sad Chorus Girl” out on discovering how to embrace the boogie-woogie fingers thing.

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