Finding the Note

October 1, 2008

During music rehearsal last night, I found myself falling into the familiar role of dutiful and attentive student (one I played at AMDA very well), sitting up straight and singing my very, very best and getting annoyed with chatty cast members who haven’t yet seemed to recognize Paul the music director’s signal for ‘you are driving me crazy,’ which is scratching at his head like a small rodent is burrowing in there.

But haven’t I already learned that dutiful and attentive is NOT the way to gain ground in the theatre community?  That being a good little worker bee just means that people’s eyes gaze right over my head and land on the person making all the noise?

I just can’t help it – I feel I owe it to the show, to Cole Porter himself, that dirty old bastard, to get the freaking notes right.

Also – Mr. Chatty Cast Member #1?  You look about 45 years old.  You should not be quite so chatty, I think, with Miss Chatty Cast Member #2, who is 20 years old.    Although… wait a minute, I feel my long-term memory tapping me on the shoulder – what’s that?  Hm?  Oh – oh yes.  Oh my, that did slip my mind.  Ahem.  My long-term memory has helpfully reminded me that I am not one to talk about age differences.  Whoops.  Chat away, everyone, chat away.

Although, seriously – not when I’m trying to find the freaking note.


One Response to “Finding the Note”

  1. Sonia Says:

    I’m right there with ya girl. Gotta be my pet peeve when people can’t just listen to the musical director/choreographer or director. On behalf of all dutiful and attentive cast members every I’d like to say, PLEASE continue to be that beautiful example. Maybe you can actually teach Chatty Cast Member #1 and #2 a thing or two. At the very least just know you WILL be remembered as someone that other people want to work with because you actually respect everyone’s time. Just my 2 theater cents 😉

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