Herbie, Moo, and Mama Too

September 26, 2008

Well, my first week of rehearsals has ended, and how have we fared?  Let’s take stock:

Moo – currently sleeping peacefully, on her tummy, tush in the air.  Herbie – currently doing dishes, God bless him.  Me – gazing longingly at bed.

All is well, I suppose, but underneath, I feel some strain beginning, and I’m worried it will grow – after all, worrying is my job as a mom!

I’ve noticed that Moo has been more clingy this week – pulling at my hand, insisting, “Mommy come, Mommy come,” when I’m trying to cook dinner, running into the kitchen to check on me repeatedly when she has Herbie ready and willing to play with her in the playroom.   I also noticed that I haven’t played with her very much in the last couple days – between rehearsals, errands, visiting Nana, and the endless puttering in the kitchen, it’s been too long since I’ve accepted one of her tea party invitations.

And Herbie – when was the last time I talked to Herbie?  He’s asleep in bed now, and this is the way it’s been all week – I’m up late writing, and he’s zonked out in bed alone.  Then he zooms off to work in the morning when I’m barely awake, and comes home hours later, at which point I literally plop Moo into his arms and run out the door for rehearsal.  Not exactly healthy-marriage habits.

 But we have friends in Wisconsin who juggle jobs that mean they barely see each other – one works nights, the other works early mornings – and they make it work, plus they have a child and are expecting another any second!  So surely Herbie and I can survive a couple months of rehearsals, right?

But I do miss him, and I miss my Moo – I miss all three of us collapsing on the floor in the playroom after dinner, Moo running between Herbie and I, singing songs, bestowing toys upon us, being tackled by daddy – and I have desperately missed kissing her good night these last few nights – especially the part where she holds up her best friends Hop and Caa, because Hop and Caa MUST be kissed good night as well.

But I also love that I have music to learn, and dialogue to highlight.  I love having “Cantiaaaaaaamo d’amor-ayyyyy!” stuck in my head, and I love knowing that I have a little solo part in that song.  I love that I’ve been dancing around the house again, after a long break, and I love that Moo caught me in the midst of a pirouette and said, “Mommy!  Wowwww!  My turn!”  And we twirled and twirled.

So.  Yes – all is well.  And now I have a nice warm Herbie I simply MUST go snuggle.



2 Responses to “Herbie, Moo, and Mama Too”

  1. kristi Says:

    It’s a season. Repeat as needed.

  2. from the wings Says:

    It is healthy to mix it up. Try new things. Invigorate and inspire. Besides, I want to see you on stage! It is all worth it.

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