La la la – laaaa?

September 25, 2008

If you ever have a child who wants to study musical theatre, and in the course of her studies she must take music theory classes, and instead of paying attention in those classes, your child writes love letters to her boyfriend, please take my advice:  Take your child by the shoulders, sit her down and explain firmly that music theory is possibly the most important class she will take.  Explain to her that it is very possible that 10 years down the road, she will be learning music for a show from a very sweet music director whose preferred method of teaching the music thus far seems to be thus:  “Find the note.”

Oh, but I cannot, kind sir.  I could find a solution to the economic crisis faster than I could just “find the note” in that chord you’re playing.  That chord sounds very, very pretty, and I would love to sing the note that sits somewhere in the middle, but all I hear is a pretty, pretty chord.  Pretty, but cruel!  Oh cruel chord, how you tease me, hiding the note that I am to sing somewhere in your musical prettiness!  I am but a lowly ensemble player – an ensemble player that only *just* passed music theory – and I must hear your notes plunked out one by one in order to sing them.  Ah me!

If I’d paid attention in music theory, I wouldn’t have to stare blankly at the music.  If I’d paid attention in music theory, I could stop blinking at the notes, trying to get them to give me the answer.  If I’d paid attention in music theory instead of wasting time comparing my boyfriend’s lips to pillows (ew), I could really sing that final note, instead of lip-synching.

Also, my parents never should have allowed me to quit piano.  I know I cried and begged to quit for like 47 days straight, but still!  Piano-playing would make my life so much easier.  I could read this music, for one thing.  And I’d be able to look at audition songs and find out if I can actually sing them or not.  Plus, Herbie and Moo and I could have family sing-a-longs and be like the Von Trapps.  Only without the Nazis.

Oh yes, Moo is definitely taking piano lessons and music theory classes, starting at age 2.


**  I feel I must assert that while I have changed my mind about music theory, I do still believe that geometry is a complete waste of time, and if Moo wants to write sonnets or haikus or solve economic crises in the margins of her geometry notebook, than I will fully support her.


7 Responses to “La la la – laaaa?”

  1. kristi Says:

    Music theory has me baffled. Geometry scheometry.

  2. Millie - short for Mother-In-Law Says:

    Sage advice from Millie . . . Hear it in your mind. Feel the color. Be one with the note. And if I could do any of those things, I’d be famous!

  3. from the wings Says:

    You are hilarious — “Oh cruel chord, how you tease me, hiding the note that I am to sing somewhere in your musical prettiness!”

  4. Edward Weiss Says:

    Music theory is important. But so is the right teacher!

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