18 Months of Moo

September 25, 2008

Moo is 18 months old today!  I thought I’d celebrate by posting this video I made (animoto.com – so cool) originally as a gift to Herbie, but I think it still gives a pretty good idea of all the joy Moo has brought into our lives in the past 18 months…

[clearspring_widget title=”Animoto.com” wid=”46928cc51133af17″ pid=”48dbe6dec6e8819d” width=”432″ height=”260″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]


5 Responses to “18 Months of Moo”

  1. kristi Says:

    Why did I start crying .5 seconds into this? Because I know how much you love her. So beautiful. And Ken is a foxy Daddy (can I say that?). And you are a foxy Mommy! And Moo is… ridiculously adorable!

  2. mamarose Says:

    Thanks Kristi! And Herbie blushes in your direction. I think your crying is also due to the Power of Bono – it is useless to resist him.

  3. from the wings Says:

    You just go and say whatever you are inspired to. So far, so good.

  4. Emily Blagg Says:

    That is the most awesome video ever…oh my gosh, I love it! What a great idea, now I want to make one of Jackson for my husband. Thank you for sharing it.

    Happy 18 months, Moo!!!

  5. Millie - short for Mother-In-Law Says:

    Fabulous. Blessed. Amazing. More than anyone could ever expect. You three are just what you need to be when you need to be. Whenever we can support you, let us know. – Millie

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