Ooh la la!

September 19, 2008

Moo and I were having our traditional Friday lunch out – tuna sandwich, macaroni salad, and strawberries.  Moo was creating tuna sculpture when I heard two ladies sitting behind us speaking French.  Surprisingly, I could understand them!  Listening to them, it occurred to me that most conversations pretty much boil down to: “We went here, and then we went there, and next week we’re going there, and isn’t so-and-so such a jerk?”

I realized my high school French classes hadn’t paid off as much as I’d thought when one woman slipped into an American accent to ask, “How do you say ‘webcam?'”  (It’s “webcam” for the curious.)  The only reason I could understand them was because the French woman was speaking very slowly for her just-learning American friend.  Shoot.

A few minutes later, they got up and walked by us.  Moo flashed her dimples at them and they stopped to say hello.

“What a lovely leetle lunch you have,” the French woman said to Moo.  Moo offered her a bite of sandwich.

“Eet iz like a leettle boo-fay,” she said, pointing at the compartments in Moo’s stroller tray filled with bites of sandwich, strawberry, and macaroni.  I’m not sure why this was such a marvel to her – maybe French babies are born lounging in sidewalk cafes, smoking and nibbling croissants.

“Ooooh la la la la la la,” said the woman.  “What beautiful eyes!”

“Les oiseaux!”  I said.  They ducked and looked around.  Oops, that’s ‘birds.’

“Les yeux!”  I said.

“Ahhh, tres bien, tres bien!”

The women waved goodbye and as they walked away, I heard the French madame say again, “I love zis idea – a boo-fay for ze baby!  Tres chic!”

Mon Dieu!  My baby has been ooh-la-la’d and I have been called chic by a real live French woman – I shall now float into the weekend on leetle bon-bon clouds.  Hurrah!


2 Responses to “Ooh la la!”

  1. kristi Says:

    You deserve every ooh-la-la you get. And so does Moo.

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