Next Step?

September 19, 2008

Well, I don’t have any auditions on the immediate horizon, so I guess I need to think about other ways I can prepare myself.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1.  Beg Rosalind to take pictures of me so I’ll have a headshot that isn’t 12 years old.  Bribe her with baked goods and a “Pride and Prejudice” (Colin Firth version) viewing.  You want to see the old headshot, don’t you?  Oh, fine:

 2.  Write a lame-ass resume filled with theatre experiences from 10+ years ago, because apparently being honest didn’t work.

3.  Get my eyebrows waxed. (See #1)

4.  Continue on Secondary Quest – clean my office by the end of the month.  Here’s an update on my progress:















Yeah, no progress. 

5.  Continue on Tertiary Quest (yes, I looked that up) – try to find perfect hairstyle.  I think every woman has this quest, and I’m beginning to think it might be a lost cause.  But I’ll make an appointment with Rosalind’s hair guru nonetheless.   What I really want is a perm, cuz I just FEEL curly, but when I mention this to stylists they back away in horror.  If I was Victoria Beckham, and I showed up tomorrow with a poodle perm, by the end of the week everyone would have perms! But when I mention it, they just give me the crazy-lady look and politely suggest a bob. 

6.  Exercise. I saw a friend at a restaurant today and waved hello, and that’s when I felt it – bloob blub bloob – arm fat!!  I think it just showed up in the past week, probably due to all the cookies that go hand-in-hand with blogging.  My problem is I flat-out refuse to do any exercise that isn’t dance-related.  I most recently took classes at Ballet Arizona, but I was turned off by the I’m-too-good-for-this principal dancer they had teaching us.  Lately I’ve been thinking about jazzercise – I’ve heard it’s cool again in a retro-chic way, or Nia – which according to my friend is a mix of modern dance, yoga, and martial arts, and makes everybody look like flailing goofballs, but in a delightful way.  

7.  Acting/singing classes?  Yes, taking some classes would probably be a good idea.  I think my singing voice could really benefit, in particular – I had voice lessons in New York, but my teacher and I were not a good match (Her:  “Make your mouth a broom!”  Me:  “Whaaa?”).  And acting is really a lifelong learning process.  I learned so much in New York, but I wonder if a lot of those lessons have slipped away. 

I would only want to take acting classes from one person – Carol Macleod at Theatre Artists Studio.  She’s a legend, as far as I’m concerned, and I love her.  Of course, she’s also pricey – and worth every penny! – but we don’t even have a working oven.*  

As for singing, I am tempted to look into taking some voice classes through our church.  Actually, I think I’d be taking voice lessons taught by students of a woman who teaches voice lessons…?  Anyway, they’re free.  Free!  And it can’t be worse than broom-face, can it?

*I know Herbie is going to comment on this, so I will add: yes, yes I knowwwww we can go ahead and buy a new oven AND a new microwave, but for some reason this job has been handed over to me, and I think I’ve made it clear that I have issues with follow-through.


2 Responses to “Next Step?”

  1. Rosalind Says:

    P&P and baked goods? Deal!

  2. from the wings Says:

    I was going to comment on that oven thing, but now I am not.

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