Boing the Octopus Says Go To Sleep

September 17, 2008

I really, desperately need Moo to nap.  She hasn’t napped in two days (20 minutes does not count), and we are beginning to suffer, as a Mommy/Moo unit.  Every reminder, delay, suggestion or bonk makes her wail, and every wail makes me bark things like, “Well, Moo, I was going to wash the dishes while you napped, but you didn’t nap did you? So now I have to do the dishes, and you should think about that the next time it’s time for you to snooze.  Got it?” Um, no.  She does not get it.  She’s 17 months old, and she just wants you to make Boing the octopus fall off the big ball and go, “Whooaa! I fell down!”  

It does not help that I’m tired, too, staying up late being bloggy, and it also does not help that I’m still checking my phone repeatedly, thinking maybe I misheard the director and he said he’d call today, or maybe he doesn’t need me to do callbacks because he just knows that they’re going to use me as a dancer, and will call soon to tell me.  And then I hit myself in the head repeatedly and turn off my phone, and then turn it on again and see that STILL no one has called, and then just put it on silent, but then change my mind and turn the volume up, when all the while I should just be making Boing fall off the big purple ball, because that is my Duty as a mother!  Snap to it, woman!

At this point I would just like SOMEONE to call me.  Anyone.  And this is from a woman who hates talking on the phone almost more than I hate cleaning the toilet.  But seriously, I will buy a cupcake for the first person who calls me.  With sprinkles!  I would just like to hear the damn thing ring.

Oh no, I hear snuffling from Moo’s bedroom.  Must make a dive for the couch while I can.



3 Responses to “Boing the Octopus Says Go To Sleep”

  1. from the wings Says:

    I get the cupcake! Don’t think I cheated either. I check the post of my own accord.

  2. Wordslinger for Hire Says:

    I call foul!

    I’ll just go make my own damn cupcakes then… who needs yours! And I have like 10 different kinds of sprinkles to use so they are bound to be better than some crappy store bought cupcake!


    (I wanted to win the cupcake)

  3. from the wings Says:


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