#1 – Kiss Me Kate, Tempe Little Theatre

September 16, 2008

Well, I didn’t die.

I sorta wanted to, though.

If I try to think about it objectively, I don’t think it was an awful audition.  But I might end up remembering it as awful.  Weirdly, I had pretty much the exact same experience as the last time I auditioned for Tempe Little Theatre nine years ago.  All we did was sing and dance, and my song went – not horrifically? – if that makes sense.  I mean, I hit the right notes.  But I was sort of in a blind panic, and I definitely chickened out on the notes at the end.  If I had to be honest, I was probably the weakest voice of my group.  Nine years ago, I think I actually sang a little better.

Then it came time to dance – and I kicked ass!  They did an easy and difficult combination, both of which were a cakewalk for me.  I felt very confident, and even better, I just had so much fun dancing to Broadway music!  There’s a big wowie-kazowie dance number in Kiss Me Kate, and I must admit, as I glanced around, I thought, “They need me!” 

But as it happens, that’s exactly what I thought when I auditioned for them nine years ago, and I didn’t get a callback.  So logically, I shouldn’t expect a callback this time around either.  He said we’d hear tomorrow.

Driving home, I toggled back and forth between feeling proud of myself and wanting to drive to Mexico and disappear forever.  Instead, I went to Safeway and bought doughnuts.

So the first audition is over, and I didn’t burst into flames, melt into the floor, or break into hives.  But I haven’t felt my heart pound like that since Moo was born.  If I hadn’t committed publicly (or rather, bloggily) to this quest, I suspect it would be another nine years before I auditioned again.  But I will continue my quest, thanks in no small part to your encouraging words, and in some cases, your (good-natured?) threats.

There was one moment during the audition that I thought, “You know, this might not be so scary, and I might even improve, if I go to an audition more than once every nine years.”  I guess I’ll find out.

This jelly doughnut is freaking delicious.


4 Responses to “#1 – Kiss Me Kate, Tempe Little Theatre”

  1. wordslingerforhire Says:


    That’s what’s in my heart right now… I am so proud of you for taking the first step on your quest.

    More than being proud, I am thrilled that you did not, in fact go to Mexico. (besides, I hear the jelly doughnuts from Mexico are really crappy)

    Nice Job Mama Rose!

    Let me know what happens when they call tomorrow.

    (from the formerly Bitchin’ Cat)

  2. Hit-It's Pop Says:

    Way to eat that jelly donut! …oh ya, and face your fears, go after your dreams and generally inspire all your friends…

  3. Innocent Bistander Says:

    I just read your audition blog for Kiss Me Kate at TLT. I was there too that night, and I’m glad to hear how it went for you! Keep auditioning. By the way, did you get that call back? Did you get cast? Did the director tell you why, if you didn’t? let me know!

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