September 13, 2008

Okay, I might be getting a little nervous for this audition.  Which is just so silly.  First, it’s going to be just one among many, and second, I mean, I’ve pushed a baby out of my vagina.  I think I can handle singing in front of strangers.

I just wish I knew what I was singing.  And that I could read music better so that when I look at songs at the library I’ll know for sure if it’s in my key or not.  I really should have paid more attention in Music Appreciation.

I decided to practice some songs in the car while Moo and I drove to a Halloween costume extravaganza at our favorite consignment store (sadly, just three racks of pilled fleece costumes – but there was one awesome cowboy hat).  This was a rather risky move on my part, because Moo and I do two things in the car – listen to the cd that her Annie and Uncle made for us or sing songs.  So when I started belting in that crazy voice AGAIN, Moo was not pleased.  But she didn’t cry (good Lord, if even my own child can’t stand my voice, there’s simply no hope!), she just decided she’d be louder.  And make a simple request.  So it went like this:

Me:  “Teeeeeeease me, huuuuuurt meeeeeee…”

Moo:  “MOMMY!”

Me:  “Deceeeeeive me, deserrrrrrrt meeeee…”




Me: “Oh all right.”

I just can’t resist a “peez.”  And frankly it was more fun singing Itsy Bitsy (we’re in a big itsy-bitsy phase right now, if you hadn’t noticed).  I felt guilty ignoring Moo’s pleas to connect with me, and that feeling makes me question (again) what I’m doing.  Not that I’m going to stop – I just really enjoy putting my daughter first, in every area of my life.  But I also know that can become unhealthy, and that a more personally-fulfilled mommy could be an even better mommy.

Then after Itsy Bitsy, we had another little conversation:

Me:  “Moo, do you like Mommy’s singing?”

Moo: ….

Me:  “Moo?”

Moo: “Mmmmm…yahhh?”

Me:  “So you like Mommy’s singing then?”


Oh all right.

When you get so nervous you start bullying your baby daughter into validating your questionable talent, you know it’s definitely going to be a cocktail night.



One Response to “Sing-A-Long”

  1. Beth Says:

    Moo is rockin’ that cowboy hat!

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