Why Mama?

September 9, 2008

So I should probably explain the name of my blog.  Mama Rose is the lead character in the musical “Gypsy.”  I decided to steal her identity for a few reasons:

1.  She’s a quirky mother who desperately wants to be on stage, but missed her chance and became a crazy stage mom.  I don’t identify with the crazy-stage-mom part, and GOD hopefully this project will keep me from the same awful fate, but I am a mom who loves the spotlight and has foofed around instead of trying to get on stage.  I don’t know if Rose technically “foofed,” but I believe there’s some allusion in the show to all the men in her life, and God knows the men in my life were a HUGE distraction at a time when I should have been perfecting my monologues.

2.  Gypsy is also about stripping (to Rose’s horror, her daughter becomes a famous burlesque dancer, a.k.a. stripper).  Confession:  I’ve always secretly wanted to be a stripper.  But not in a grinding on strangers way – more like in a Jennifer Beals in Flashdance way. 

3.  I played Rose in high school.  It was my first big role and a defining moment in my life (is that sad to have such a big defining moment at age 16?).  I loved playing Rose, so borrowing her moniker is my way of paying homage and maybe sending a little message to that 16-year-old me: “All right, all right!  I’ll give it a shot!”


2 Responses to “Why Mama?”

  1. from the wings Says:

    I can see that…Jennifer Beals was hot in that movie.

  2. […] Malibu with my parents was somehow the perfect inspiration for me to write a parody song about wanting to be a stripper – to the tune of “Part of Your World,” from The Little Mermaid.   You know, the one […]

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